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A Better Way to Manage Cyber Risk

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Navigate cyber risk decisions across the enterprise with confidence.

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 Evaluate financial cyber exposure due to supplier and third party relationships.

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Understand economic exposure to cyber risk with a  fast and effective snapshot.

The Science Behind X-Analytics

Our mission is to improve how our clients understand and manage cyber risk through the power of data analytics.

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Powered by Data Science

X-Analytics continuously aggregates, normalizes, and analyzes cyber risk data from over 75 major intel sources allowing businesses to make cyber risk decisions with the confidence that their data reflects changes in the external cyber threat landscape.

Invented by SSIC

X-Analytics is a patented and validated cyber risk decisioning platform developed by Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC). SSIC is a cyber risk analytics firm whose mission is to improve how businesses understand and manage cyber risk through the power of data analytics.

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John Frazzini, President & CEO

“The ability to understand how technical cyber security implementation impacts enterprise risk management strategy has unlocked the future of cyber risk management.”


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